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Question: Would you consider oral a sexual assualt?
Answer: How the fuck can you tell the asian guy works out. He's wearing a jacket. He could just be naturally thin, these girls are half retarded and very dishonest.

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Question: Girls what do you expect from your boyfriend?
Answer: Worst examples to bring . I am ashamed

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Question: Girl uncomfortable with kiss at the end of the date. Bad sign?
Answer: Unlike some of your other posts, this one is very caricature-ish.

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Question: Is penis size related to ur nose size?
Answer: I actually reckognized the song, it was Kuula by Ott Leppland in Estonian : My fave ESC 201entry :)

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The beginning 50 Euros tin can be exchanged designed for in the region of 200,000 shares.

Question: Is literacy and the ability to write properly a TURN ON?
Answer: In my own opinion i don't think beauty should have standers the every one is beautiful in there own way it makes me sad seeing someone trying to change something about them because of the beauty stander

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Question: Was I wrong to call my husband immature last night?

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Question: Is she cheating? should i be jealous?
Answer: Are they loyal?

I insufficient arrive scarcely moments beginning now.

Question: Did the right thing right?
Answer: Astounded at the differences in commentary on this video compared to the Men Honestly Attracted To video. so much dogging on women in this section, when the men also make similar comments about the women in their video. Stop with the double standards! Both genders can have preferences.

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Question: Would you watch gay men porn with your gf?
Answer: I may be filipino but the accent when they talk in english got me. HAHAHHAHAH

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Question: How can I meet more people at uni?
Answer: Russian and japan are good

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Question: 2 months in, what do I do?
Answer: Oh my God, I dated an irish gal and she used to that with my jumpers LOL

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Question: What position do you sleep in?
Answer: Are you Swedish or Russian?

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